Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to keep youthful and acne free skin

I have sworn by this for years and it works!
Think about it - do you really want your skin to meet with old and dirty skin cell particles, skin and hair care products that rub off on your pillowcase, oil and bacteria that accumulate every single night for roughly eight hours? No! Changing your pillow case can change your skin.

Keep your skin happier and cleaner with this simple chore.
You will sleep better too! After a wash your sheets and pillow case are much cleaner, fluffier and you will look forward to wrapping yourself up in them. This will decrease the stress you have over keeping your skin clean. You can also eliminate acne when you keep your sleeping environment as clean as possible. Most of us go out into the polluted world every day. Our skin is met with dirt, oil and lots of other harmful toxins that are living outside in our polluted cities.
Don't add to the assault on your skin by making the place you sleep another bacteria and toxin attack.

Wash your face.
To keep yourself looking youthful and acne free change your pillow case (and wash the old ones in hot water) every day. Be sure to wash your face with a simple soap that will not irritate your skin, morning and night. Try this beauty secret and share it with everyone you know.

Remember to keep your skin living in a clean environment. - Debe, Glam Patrol

Love your look.

About the author: Debe Wilson, Glam Patrol at Troyrichardsalon.com. Debe's aim is to help people look and feel their best. Debe adds a fresh perspective to makeup and skin care. Debe is a licensed Esthetician in Texas. Troy Richard Salon, located in Frisco, Texas can be your resource for glam and those obsessed with skin care like Debe. Troy Richard Salon (214) 618-8071 is located at 1279 Legacy Drive, Suite 120, Frisco, Texas 75034 in Stonebriar Commons. Troy Richard Salon; the difference between everyday looks, and one that's extraordinary.

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