Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4J The Look of Love

4J aka 4th of July will be filled with smiles and cries at celebrations and events all around America. The day itself brings memories from time past and sparks imagination for the next generation of movers and shakers, the bold and the beautiful. With only 180 days left to face until the end of the year, I wish for each and every one of our followers a wonderful life filled with true beauty - inside and outside.

Looking at the calendar and what this time of the year represents, it reminds me of America's beginning, when the first glimpses of the United States for millions was that mighty woman that welcomes visitors, immigrants, and returning Americans– Mother of Exiles, aka The Statue of Liberty holds inside, an inscription that defines a timeless beauty. It speaks of her mild eyes, and her silent lips. I call it The look of love

I'm taken back to the relationships and new friends we make everyday here at Troy Richard Salon. We welcome anyone who wants something new, something better, and those who have a passion for strong creativity as bold as the Statue of Liberty which stands ever strong today. Troy Richard Salon is where lives are also transformed by our elite group of hair designers, stylist, Redken Color Professionals, makeup artists, and nail techs. We have all seen with our own eyes, how ordinary looks turn into extraordinary by design. In 1886 – The people of France offered the Statue of Liberty to the people of the United States to represent friendship, today we offer you Troy Richard Salon.

The first glimpses of you or anyone will be the look you love - a look that is chic, sexy, celebrity, trendy, strong, healthy, bold or beautiful. Visit to see transformations in our Gallery. See how short hair goes long with Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions or see the amazing Brazilian Blowout straighten curly and normally unruly or damaged hair right in front of your eyes. We show you the before and after pictures, plus more.

If you are feeling unsure or just don't know what to do, but know you have to do something, call Troy Richard Salon to ask any questions you have or send email to begin your new-way of living. Call us at 214-618-8071 to wash away your yearning for the look you wannahave, a look independently You.

Troy Richard Salon is your full service, professional, and upscale salon located in the North Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX at Stonebriar Commons that's only 4 minutes from the Four Diamond award winning Westin Stonebriar Resort and all guest are welcome to visit us at 1279 Legacy Drive, Suite 120 or make appointment.

Like the Statue of Liberty where hundreds of other Statues of Liberty replicas have been erected worldwide, Troy Richard Salon can help you replicate the look you love. So here's to you America and the day you too will love your look.

May you all have beautiful 4th of July weekend.

love your look.

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