Monday, August 31, 2009

Cassie, Carmen, Rihanna... And they're off!

Those 3 little words (And they're off!) ignite what could be termed the most exciting 3 words in sports like NASCAR and horse races like the Kentucky Derby. Today however, you can see these popular words as a description for the latest celebrity hairstyles.
In America a Buzz Cut (named after the sound of the electric razor) can make the face look more defined. Perhaps this is what Cassi, Carmen Electra, and Rihanna are expecting from low cut hair known in Australia as a crewcut? Step over to the United Kingdom, and the latest rage is called a Skinhead. One great leap over to the Philippines and you'll ask your hairstylist for a Semi. If you make your way to Singapore it is called a GI, and High-and-Tight is the phrase used by the military.

In the late 1980s mostly young African-American males hip-hopped with the Hi-top Fade.
I mean how can you forget Christopher "Kid" Reid from the group Kid-n-Play? Maybe it's the "publicity" that causes these celebrities to take it off the top or should we say "off the sides"?
Maybe we can give credit to a busy schedule or having less time for hair prepping?
The hair will grow back, but why so much attention to this dramatic shift in hair styles? Rihanna told The Insider (Celebrity News, Gossip, Photos, Videos and more) “I felt like the whole world had long, curly, flowy blonde hair. Ciara, Beyonce, Mariah, Christina Milian,”said Rihanna. Everybody wanted to be like everybody else. So I cut my hair and they (Def Jam) made me put my long hair back in (as extensions).”

What is the most popular hair style?
It had been one of the most popular hair styles among men and women who want a short, low-maintenance hairstyle. In many countries, armed forces recruits are given buzz cuts when they enter training, originally said to prevent the spread of lice among soldiers. The jury is still out, but on thing for sure is that these looks are gaining attention from the media.

The new Buzz Cut can take little more than a minute to cut when done with high quality clippers and come in different grades or lengths, depending on what clipper blades or guards are preferred. We've all heard the joke: What's the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut? Answer: About a week. That's about right! You're hair will grow back. But what you may not know is how you will look after when your stylist hands you the mirror. If you smile and say thank you! That's great! But remember, if you look in the mirror and have the face of the late Michael Jackson in the Thriller video... kindly ask your stylist to revisit the hair extensions option offered by Great Lengths 100% Human Hair Extensions. Great Lengths offers you the opportunity of creating the look you've always wanted. What's more, your new hair will behave and feel exactly as your own so you can treat them in the exact same way and you can get your Great Lengths here at Troy Richard Salon where we are Certified in Great Lengths Human Hair Extensions.

What do you think? Who has the best look with this trendy hairstyle?

Love your look.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Turn unwanted gold into money in your pocket

Looking for a way to tuck some extra money in your wallet
or tired of your old or broken gold jewelry lying around?

If you're thinking "YES!" Then it's time you attended a Gold Party. It's a great get together for you and your girlfriends. You can bring all types of Gold including broken jewelry, bracelets, earrings (single or pairs), unwanted wedding bands, old gold coins, platinum, silver, and diamonds (1/2 karat and up).

So, bring your Gold and join Troy Richard Salon & for a night of glamor and Gold. Invite some of your friends to the party. A Gold Party. Walk out with money in your pocket for your unwanted Gold. As a bonus Troy Richard Salon is offering 15% off salon services, excluding extensions and Brazilian Blowout to party participants who sell merchandise.

Thursday, September 17 5:30PM - 8:30PM
RSVP by calling the Troy Richard Salon at 214-618-8071
or email
put "RSVP for Gold Party" in the Subject line.

If you're like me, you probably have a few questions;

Question: How much do we pay for gold?
Answer: Top dollar in the industry is paid for all gold. Essentially, it is based on whatever karat and weight jewelry you have. Payments are based on "dense total weight", or what is known as the "pennyweight". Effectively, 20 pennyweights equals one ounce of gold.

Question: How long does an average party last?
Answer: The average party usually lasts around 2 – 3 hours.

Question: Are gold parties legal?
Answer: Absolutely! It is totally 100% legal, and safe. The events are private, and restricted to guests YOU (the host) have invited. Of course it's okay for confirmed guests to bring friends at the last minute, but prefer a complete guest list in advance to ensure we properly staff your event.

If you have more questions, you can find more FAQ's at

Now tell your girlfriends to grab their Gold and bring it to Troy Richard Salon and put money in their pockets.

Love your look.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Something New for Men with Gray Hair

Everyone is talking about Going Green!
Did you know that there are just as many men Going Gray? And if your name isn't Tim Gunn, Barak Obama, George Clooney or Anderson Cooper, you may be sporting undesirable gray hair you want to phase out.
Men, if you find yourself text messaging rather than being in the social scene because you are speckled with gray, the new REDKEN Color Camo for Men has a full line of products that will keep you from texting: afaik u 1daful 2nite (all for I know you look wonderful tonight), so you can phase out gray, live in real time and love your look.

What REDKEN Color Camo has for Men?
• Reveal younger-looking haircolor in only 5 or 10 minutes
• Customize how much gray you want to blend
• Applied quickly and easily right in the shampoo area
• Leaves hair with natural-looking results that fade gradually

What can I expect as my hair grows out?

Camo will gradually fade over time. You won't see any major difference or off-color results. It's a formula designed specifically for men.

How much gray will it cover?

Camo doesn't cover the gray completely; it just reduces the amount of gray in a very believable way. You'll see more "pepper" among the salt and pepper.

How much time will it take each visit?

Ten minutes is all it takes. And color camo applies so quickly it can be done at the shampoo bowl.

Will it damage my hair?

Like all Redken For Men products, Camo contains ingredients that actually improve the condition of hair such as protein for strength and quinoa oil for healthy shine.

So, if you are beyond the years of wondering "why" your hair is turning gray and want to "fix" and phase out gray hair, check out the before and after photos to see REDKEN camo for Men in action. Then make an appointment at or call Troy Richard Salon at 214-618-8071

REDKEN for Men has related products:
• Color Camo Developer
• Go Clean - daily care shampoo
• Finish up - daily weightless conditioner

Love your look.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

OPI Espana Collection for Fall/Winter 2009 Nails

Next time you find yourself in the square, pampering your feet and hands with a relaxing midday mani or pedi, be sure to ask about Espana Collection Fall/Winter 2009 colors by OPI. Available now at Troy Richard Salon

OPI Espana Collection Fall/Winter photo oneOMG, you must experience the Conquistadorable Color to really believe these chic, majestic hues and tones that are so galm. What can I say, these colors will really Turn-Up Your Wow Factor and the perfect finishing touch. When you leave the salon, you will be tickled to show-off the New OPI Espana Collection Fall/Winter 2009 Nail Lacquer.

Schedule an appointment now to be among the first of all your gal pals to wiggle Barefoot in Barcelona. And we agree with what Suzi, OPI Artistic Director said about the Espana Collection; "Feel-good fashion pops with bold color...lending an upbeat energy and dazzling optimism to the season."

OPI Espana Collection Fall/Winter 2009 photo 2I Love the names of the nail lacquer in the Espana Collection...
Barefoot in Barcelona, No Spain No Gain, Ate Berries in the Canaries, Conquistadorable Color, Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, Pamplona Purple, Can You Tapas This?, Give Me Moor!, Here Today... Argon Tomorrow, Bullish on OPI, Pink Flamenco, and Manicurist of Seville.

So, when you find yourself out searching for the next "something" to complement your fall fashions, you must look your best. So as fall gets closer everyday, remember No Spain No Gain, and accessorize with OPI – How Can You Tapas This?

Thanks to for the great photography included in this posting. Beauty Junkies Unite is a really informative blog by a self-professed beauty product junkie! She'll try almost any beauty product she can get her hands on, and then tells you all about it like you’re one of her best gal pals. Amber says, "it's my interactive way of sharing info with you on the products I love, and the ones that just aren’t for me." Thank you Amber!

Love your look.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

make-up parties with your girlfriends worth $500

You could be selected to receive a fun make-up party for you and your friends valued at $500.00As the guest of honor you will receive a free make-up consultation and application when you bring 6 girlfriends with you. Each of your guests will receive a make-up consultation and application with the purchase of one retail product.

Troy Richard Salon will host your make-up party with your girlfriends and provide an exciting “Girl’s Night Out” party with drinks and sweet treats for all. Party nights are available on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 6pm to 9pm and must be confirmed with a total of 7 guests one week in advance. Send email request to and please include your preferred party night along with your list of 6 girlfriends.

Total value of party is $500.00

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