Friday, April 23, 2010

Ladies Day with Complimentary Bra Fittings by Renowned NORDSTROM Bra Fitting Professionals

May 3rd is Ladies Day at Troy Richard Salon featuring NORDSTROM Certified bra fitting professionals and fashion consultants, plus a our special Guest Speaker and "Texas Super Doctor" Dr. Sarah Samaan. She is the author of "The Smart Woman’s Guide to Heart Health" and named as a "Texas Super Doctor" by Texas Monthly for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. "Texas Super Doctors" are chosen through a poll of doctors and nurses across the state as well as through independent research.

"You won't believe how much better you'll look and feel when you're wearing a professionally fitted bra!" Say's NORDSTROM fits America.

The bra fittings will be at Troy Richard Salon 1pm - 4pm. There will be NORDSTROM Certified bra fitting professionals and fashion consultants at Troy Richard Salon showing off all the gorgeous new bra styles and lingerie lines as well as a NORDSTROM prosthetic fitter, for those faced with or are going through treatment for canc

NORDSTROM also offers a full selection of mastectomy products and prosthesis bras, including more than 100 different sizes from your favorite brands.

This will be an afternoon where you can spend a moment learning from Dr. Sarah Samaan, MD, FACC. In her practice Dr. Samaan focuses on preventative heart care and how people can help themselves avoid heart problems through diet, exercise and controlling blood pressure and cholesterol. Many of her patients seek her out because of her focus on prevention. She is the author of The Smart Woman’s Guide to Heart Health, published by Brown Books. Look inside the book at

Get answers about heart health that have not been answered adequately by traditional cardiology and learn the facts about women's heart health:
  • Heart Disease Prevention, and how to take care of your health.
  • Get the 7 Steps to Help Keep a Heart Healthy Lifestyle
  • Heart disease is on the rise for women under the age of 55.
  • Heart Disease kills 8 times as many women as breast cancer.
Email your RSVP for Ladies Day at Troy Richard Salon before May 3, 2010. Please tell us how many friends you plan to bring -or- just call Troy Richard Salon at (214) 618-8071 for more information and to RSVP.

We hope to see you at Troy Richard Salon on Monday, May 3, 2010 for Ladies Day! 1pm - 4pm with Guest Speaker Dr. Sarah Samaan 1pm - 2pm

Love your look.

The Smart Woman’s Guide to Heart Health
Legacy Heart Center

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Monday, April 19, 2010

University of North Texas Shilah Phillips Set The Tone at 2010 Collin Cabaret

Shilah Phillips set the tone and hit all the high notes her rendition of “Heard it Through the Grapevine” to kickoff the 2010 Collin Cabaret - A Silver Tribute to Excellence in Education - a signature event that raises non-endowed funds to benefit students with scholarships. On stage is where Shilah belongs, with a history of outstanding vocals and pageant wins behind here - she looks and sounds sensationally stunning.

Shilah is alumnus of Collin College and currently on the road to completing her degree in Jazz from the University of North Texas. She began her studies at the prestigious Howard University in Washington, D.C. where she received educational honors in addition to the most Outstanding Vocalist Award.
Beyond the vocal talents Shilah's beauty and grace has carried her on to other outstanding accomplishments where she competed in the Miss America pageant system and setting records along the way; In 2006 Shilah Phillips became the first black woman to reign as Miss Texas in the organization's 85 year history, one of few women to climb the ranks to the Miss America pageant in one try, winning to reign as Miss Frisco 2006, and 1st runner up to Miss America.

During the past 25 years, Collin College has grown to serve more than 46,000 credit and continuing education students – many of whom rely heavily on scholarships and financial aid assistance to fund their higher education dreams, adding to the importance of Collin Cabaret, which is in its third year.

The 2009 Collin Cabaret raised over $300,000 to support student scholarships. These funds were used to award approximately 300 scholarships for the 2009 academic year.

Troy Richard Salon is a long time supporter of Shilah Phillips and we look forward to standing with Shilah on her red carpet.

To learn more about Shilah Phillips or her music, visit her on myspace or contact Troy Richard Salon.

Love your look.

Star Local News : Zach Markovic
Collin College Foundation

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Right Venue for The Saint Couture Trunk Show

The Trunk Show season generally runs parallel to the bridal industry or one could say January through May. This is the time brides in particular view a larger selection of various designers bridal collections at a retail location or another unique venue like Troy Richards Salon which has a bridal studio and on-site wedding planner Ricardo Tomás - The Wedding Architect.This season Saint Couture who is in the business of designing, making, and selling fashionable custom-made women's clothing that is high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finish will bring these fabulous products to Troy Richard Salon on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 5pm-8pm

The Saint Couture Trunk Show will feature Handbags - Totes, Clutches, Bar Bags, Shoulder Bags, Satchels, Jewelry and more. Saint Couture has been supplying high-end department stores and boutiques with women's handbags, clothing and accessories for over 20 years.
Couture is a common abbreviation of Haute Couture, which refers to the same thing in spirit as found by designers such as Callot Soeurs, Patou, Poiret, Vionnet, Fortuny, Lanvin, Chanel, Mainbocher, Schiaparelli, Balenciaga, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, André Courrèges, Emanuel Ungaro, Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Thierry Mugler.

Couture is for the true Fashionista (A person devoted to fashion clothing, particularly unique or high fashion.
A person not to be called a Fashionista would be someone who obsessively follows trends. REAL Fashionista do not believe in trends).

"There are sure to be many pictures taken during The Saint Couture Trunk Show at Troy Richard Salon in Frisco, Texas – Wednesday, April 21, 2010 5pm-8pm - that any Fashionista will enjoy and take glam notes!"

Here's your Fashion Tip right from the Saint Couture website:

Treat your fashion jewelry like you do your fine jewelry.
"Never put it on prior to spraying hairspray or perfume. Always use hairspray and perfume first, let it set, and then put on your jewelry. Your jewelry will look fabulous for years to come!!"

Love your look.

Saint Couture
Urban Dictionary

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Stylist Favorite Hair Extensions 2010 Award Winner

2010 Winners Announced for Behind The Chair's 2010 Stylist Choice Awards!
For 3 consecutive years 2008, 2009, and now 2010 Great Lengths : 100% human natural hair extensions is the victor for the 2010 Favorite Hair Extension Company. SEE THE ENTIRE LIST OF WINNERS HERE!

BTC’s annual party is to celebrate professional products, education and companies. For 2010 more than a half million loyal members chose the deserving Stylist Award winners on Sunday, March 28, 2010.

The 2010 Stylist Award winners raised their shiny crystal trophies in front of an audien
Linkce of more than 2,000 salon professionals and company VIPs at the hottest party of the year.

The Stylist Choice Awards – known as the event where all of the coolest people in the beauty biz get together and party. Special guests and presenters included superstars from the industry SEE ALL THE STYLIST CHOICE AWARDS PARTY PICTURES!

Other Stylist Choice Award Winners available at Troy Richard Salon include:

Favorite Shampoo
Redken Color Extend Shampoo

Favorite Conditioner
PureOlogy HydrateCondition

Ask Troy Richard Salon about trying Great Lengths or schedule a hair extensions consultation when you send email to

Love your look.

Behind The Chair
Great Lengths History

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

6 Tips For Your Baby's First Haircut

Baby, Meadow Lee's First Haircut at Troy Richard Salon was successful because we know the long-term importance of your baby's first haircut.

You may not remember your first haircut and if you do... you may be wondering what is the best approach to your baby's first haircut. The first haircut sets the stage for years to come. The first haircut can be really significant in many cultures and religions... as in a rite of passage or a huge milestone. Its normal for parents here in the US to save a lock of the cut hair.

What age in which the first haircut occurs varies widely, depends on an array of issues including the baby's amount of hair – in some cases the trepidation gives way to tears at the sight of the scissors, a long cape surrounding them, or sitting in the tall salon chair... others, wonder what is happening to them.
Your child's first trip to the salon can be very exciting, but they won't see it that way. So you can use these tips to keep your baby happy and smiling before and after the first haircut:

6 Tips For Your Baby's First Haircut

1. Know When to Go
There's no right or wrong time to go. It comes down to this: Do you want to preserve her baby look, or do you think she's ready for a big-kid 'do?

2. Give a Heads-Up
Toddlers don't like surprises, so have your child watch you get a haircut or visit his barber before the big day. And read books about the subject: We like Henry's First Haircut, by Dan Yaccarino, and No Haircut Today! by Elivia Savadier.

3. Pick the Right Place
Choose a salon like Troy Richard Salon that knows how to deal with squirmy little rascals. Many kids' hair places have videos and books to keep little kids entertained.

4. Be Prepared
Let your child bring a small toy. These will help him stay calm and keep his hands occupied. You might also hide a treat in your purse for afterward. Before the barber begins, swing the chair away from the mirror so your child doesn't fixate on the scissors. If he refuses to wear a cape, put one on and show him how it looks. If he won't sit still, you may need to plop him down on your lap for the duration.

5. Get Psyched
If you're apprehensive, your child will pick up on it and be more likely to cry during her haircut. Talk to her about how much fun it will be... when she sees that you're looking forward t
o it, she will too.

6. Plan Carefully
Book your appointment between mealtime and nap time so your child isn't hungry or too cranky. Call Troy Richard Salon ahead to confirm appointment. And don't hesitate to reschedule if your child seems out of sorts that day. The first haircut sets the stage for years to come so it's important to make it a positive experience.

If you have more tips we would love to hear your success and horror stories. If you have questions or want to schedule your baby's first haircut send email to

Love your look.

Hair Archives

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