Monday, September 28, 2009

No Look Is Complete Without The Right Nails

Have you been Minxed?
The Hottest new trend in nail fashion. No? You mean you have not heard about Minx Nails?! Well girlfriends as the saying goes "once you’ve been Minxed, your life will never be the same."

You can hop on Google and search for information about Minx nails and get every detail if you want, but I've done all that so you don't have too. I'll provide a link further on in this blog to the Minx website so you can look at hundreds of Minx nail coverings sorted Alphabetically.

If you already know about Minx (good for you) and you are looking for a salon to be Minxed. Make an appointment for minx at Troy Richard Salon, Frisco, Texas by sending email to or call to make a Minx nail appointment at 214-618-8071. For those of you who need a little Minx Nails 101, continue reading to learn more about Minx.
“Minx is for those who love to stand out from the crowd,” declares Master Minx Janice Jordan, minx co-owner “For celebrities who wore Minx nails on the red carpet for the American Music Awards and the Music Rocks event, Minx opens up a whole new area of fashion. Once you’ve tried it, you can’t go back,” Jordan states.

What is Minx?
Minx is a a solid nail coating process that requires no drying. When heat is applied, Minx works like a shrink wrap for your nails and you can't feel a thing. No liquid, no smell, no chip, and no smudge for your hands and feet. Minx is a professional only product and should only be installed by a Minx Certified Professional. On the Minx website it says: What is Minx? Our definition, a Minx is a sexy, confident, naughty but fun individual who lives every day like it is a big, ripe juicy apple ready to be bitten. We’ve channeled this cool factor into Minx, a new and glamorous way that lets women (and men!) extend fashion to their very fingertips.

The Minx manicure and pedicure line includes designer styles, personalized graphics and sparkling metallics available to high-end salons across the United States. Minx popularity keeps growing.. on the catwalks of New York, MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 Goes Wild, and 50th Annual Grammy Awards.

Check it out! If you don't find a pattern that matches, you can send a picture and have your own Minx to coordinate with your favorite dress, shoes, whatever! You can have holiday finger nails, candy stripe finger nails or would Ed Hardy style finger nails fit your fashion and style a little better? Now you can have any finger nail covering from DEAD SKULLS and PINK CHEETA nail covering to RETRO MULTI COLOR nails and PINK PLAID covered nails to STAR OF DAWN and SANTA IS COMING TO TOWN. So what are you doing? Get Minxed.

Minx is for someone who is really into fashion. Match nails in a really fun way that's durable and doesn't smell. Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon, Jordin Sparks, 2007 American Idol winner, Raven-Symone, Kat Perry, 2008 breakthrough single "I Kissed a Girl" and Beyonce’s have been Minxed.

Minx is the ultimate fashion accessory-dare to wear and be prepared to be noticed! This product is not for the shy!

Love your look.

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