Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Start Over With Great Lengths like Kate Gosselin's New Look

It's not easy to try on the latest celebrity hairstyles seen on the covers of your favorite magazines, especially if you live over 1,463 miles from Hollywood! One look at Kate Gosselin's before and after People Magazine cover and you can see change can happen over night.

It might take you forever or even be impossible for you to find the right salon who can honestly send you home with the confidence of a celebrity. Situations like these leave a larger percentage of fashion conscious girls zipping around town asking friends and searching the Internet to find a salon with hair designers who can give you that celebrity hairstyle you want.

This brings me back to Kate Gosselin's new hairstyle that is everything "WOW" has to offer. You probably know by know that Great Lengths 100% Human Hair Extensions was the secret behind Kate's "starting over" 2010 hairstyle. What you may not know is how Great Lengths could help you love your look too.

"If the a celebrity and single mom with 8 children can get the best hair extensions,
then go home to a house of young 8 children all calling for mommy
because they want to play with mommy's new locks
– anyone can have confidence with Great Lengths."

Only so much information can be gathered from the Great Lengths website "Great Lengths is Indian Temple hair"... I mean the only thing better than good information is experiencing the real thing yourself. Take for example this picture of our namesake Troy Richard of Troy Richard Salon who's instructing, Jae our apprentice. Jae's in our Masters Program and Troy is seen here instructing Jae on the careful installation of Great Lengths hair extensions and the process (method of bonding is patented by Great Lengths is of the highest technology) of making sure the technique makes for a head of great looking hairstyle and unnoticeable hair extensions.

The truth about Great Lengths 100% Human Hair Extensions is the application. And having the best looking hair extensions is the result of proper training, careful installation, and technique. You can even go to our website and view some of our Great Lengths before and after great lengths photos from by Troy Richard Salon.

Have tried Great Lengths before? We'd love to hear your story – send us your before and after pictures to or send us any questions you have about Great Lengths.

Love you look.

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